Hi, my name is Ben and I am a permaculture designer, engineer for renewable energy and low tech enthusiast based in Freiburg, Germany.

What I do

You can book me as a workshop tutor or consultant for permaculture design, appropriate technology and low-tech solutions in the fields…

Biofertilizers (Biochar, Terra Preta de Indio, Bokashi)
Solar Energy (PV, solar drying, solar thermal)
Compost Toilets
Wood and Biochar ovens

Feel free to contact me if you want to host a workshop or want to apply one of the techniques and need consultancy

Why I do what I do

Most of the actual problems (Collaps of ecosystems & Climate Change) relate more or less to the addiction of civilization to economic growth.

Anyone who believes in indefinite growth
in anything physical, on a physically finite planet,
is either mad or an economist

(Kenneth Boulding)

Economic growth is always based on overexploitation of nature and people. If I want to be part of the solution rather be part of the problem then I can reduce my ecological footprint thru a preferable ecosufficient, efficiant and subsistant lifestyle.

Where does the name “The Barefoot Engineer” come from?

There are two inspirations: one is a project in india, where women learn to become electricians to build solar panels. The other one is the great book „The Barefoot Architect“ which is about low-tech building techniques.

Biochar Pics

Solar Dryer Pics